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Fees and Rates

Standard Rate: I charge $40 per hour for all projects.

Copyright Transfer: A copyright transfer fee of $20 is added to each piece, however, if you’re ordering five or more characters/pieces at one time, the fee is calculated at $50 for every three.

“Why do I need a copyright transfer, and why do you charge for it?” – When I create a piece of artwork, whether it be commissioned or not, that artwork automatically belongs solely to me. In the eyes of the law, this means I alone have the right to make money from it or reproduce it in any way. Naturally, that becomes a problem if you’ve commissioned something you want to use. So, to get around this, I have to give up my rights to my artwork in a legally binding way. The copyright transfer allows me to give those rights to you. I have to sell it because the law doesn’t recognize a handshake, digital or otherwise, as binding proof of ownership. So, I sell it, you have it in writing on the invoice that you own it, and that’s legally binding. After that, it belongs to you as if you created it, and you can use it however you want.


Estimated times are estimates only, please allow a little wiggle room for additional time on complicated pieces. Ink only designs will take less time than a piece with a full color background, effects, multiple poses, etc. I can not predict how long the piece will take down to the minute, but with sufficient information on what you want, I can give a fair estimate.

Do’s and Don’ts


Do ask questions! I’m friendly! It won’t bother me to answer any questions you have. My email address is the fastest way to get a response.

Don’t complain about prices or try to haggle! This is how I pay the bills and put food on the table. My time and work is worth what I charge. However…

Do ask about discounts! I give a 10% discount to active and former military (all branches), police, firemen, EMTs, doctors, veterinarians, and pastors. I will require proof of your service in any of the above areas in order for the discount to apply (licenses, certificates, degrees, and I.D.s all count as proof, you can black out any social security numbers or birthdates).

Don’t expect me to read your mind! Put as many physical details into your request as you can, no matter how minor. The more information I have, the better the end product will be. For character illustrations, this means details about the pose, their clothing, hair, skin, facial details, and what kind of props they might have (weapons, pets, vehicles, etc.). For book covers, this also includes details about what kind of font you might like, and keep in mind that you don’t want the cover to be cluttered.

Do feel free to ask for changes to the piece! But please make sure you do so in a timely manner. Changes take time, and will be charged the same as all the rest of my work.

Don’t ask me to draw any… Sexually explicit scenes, full male or female nudity, depictions of hate crimes (pieces that depict historical figures who are known for their crimes will be considered on a case by case basis), charicatures of or scenes demeaning a leader of any country, characters displaying gang signs, copyrighted characters (Disney, Nickelodeon, game characters, etc.) unless that character belongs to you, or excessive gore. If you’re unsure if your idea includes any of these, ask me about it!

Do pay with the following! Paypal, E-check, Cashiers Check, Cash App, or Check by mail.

Don’t pay with cash! I cannot accept wire transfers, or physical cash in the mail.

Contact Me!

Questions, comments, or want to discuss your commission?

My Email:

DM or follow me on Social Media:  Twitter or Facebook.

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