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Slay Bells Ring: The 2nd Holly and Ivy Christmas Mystery

Holly & Ivy Holiday Mystery Series: Volume 2


“It’s been a year since Detectives Holling and Ives were first brought together, but the criminal element of New Jersey never takes a holiday. It’s another Christmastime crime, but things go sideways when one of the duo has a close call, and the pieces of the puzzle just don’t seem to fit.

With the FBI in the mix, and a mystery with more questions than answers, the guys can’t afford to be at odds. One way or another, they’ll have to solve the mystery!”

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To Catch A Grinch: A Holly and Ivy Christmas Mystery

Holly & Ivy Holiday Mystery Series: Volume 1


“When most people think of Christmas, they think of quality family time, baking gingerbread with grandma, and stringing those forever-tangled lights on the tree. For Lieutenant Patrick Holling, Christmas means something entirely different. After a drug bust goes horribly wrong, Holling finds himself demoted and transferred to New Jersey PD’s own version of Timbuktu…the Holiday Crimes Unit, where every crime that correlates to a holiday is sent to die. As if that were not bad enough, Holling finds himself saddled with an unwanted new partner, Detective Julian Ives, who has transferred to the HCU under mysterious circumstances.

The two are tasked with busting a pair of thieves, but when their robbery turns into homicide, they’ll have to find a way to work together to catch the killer…unless they kill each other first.”

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Storming the Friend Zone


“Jake and Abby have been BFFs forever, and now that they’re getting older Jake wonders if they can be something more. There’s just one problem. He’s been ‘friend-zoned’. When family drama threatens to pull them apart, Jake thinks it’s the worse thing that could happen, but something much worse lurks in the wind.

Will they survive it, or will the storm end more than just their relationship?”

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The Christmas Thief


“Christmastime had always been a sacred time for thieves, but one in particular plans the most daring heist of the eighteenth century as London moves into the new industrial age of electricity. A cherished jewel, devotion to a best friend, and determination to find the family she never knew all fight for Avonlea’s attention as she finds herself caught in the middle, and this time lives are at stake!

Will she find a way out, or will this be the last heist for The Christmas Thief?”

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Thirteenth Door on the Left


“On the evening of February 13th, Sam Harrison discovers the horrifying truth behind what really happened to the partner he lost three years earlier. Exactly twenty years later her unexpected visions will lead Lucy to the Starlight Hotel. Will she be able to find the truth behind the Thirteenth Door on the Left?”

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A Rose by Any Other Name


“On her eighteenth birthday, Rose is kicked out of the only home she’s ever known. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger may hold the key to bringing her where she truly belongs, but things are definitely not all that they appear to be. One way or the other, it’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day she will never forget!”

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The Ghost of Christmas Present and Other Stories


“A teenage girl, an eccentric millionaire, a former cop, a mysterious drunk, and a murderer all find themselves in the middle of an old English forest a week before Christmas. Things soon go sideways as their own agendas come to light, and only a ghost can help them find what they’re really looking for. Danger, adventure, betrayal and murder all find themselves at a crossroads when they meet the Ghost of Christmas Present!”

Bonus: This book also includes the titles Jolly Old Spook, Christmas in the Mojave, and Christmas Love Exchange.

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Jolly Old Spook


“Ten-year old William likes to solve mysteries…almost as much as he likes to cause mischief. Over the years it’s come to his attention that the whole world is oblivious to one blindingly obvious truth. Santa Claus is a spy, and William J Mills is going to prove it, one way or the other.”

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Christmas Love Exchange


“Dean is sick of the concrete walls of his New York apartment, and when an opportunity presents itself to get away via the Student Exchange Program, he takes it! He finds himself in a foreign land covered in Christmas snow, but when he collides with fate in the hallway of his new campus, he wonders what kind of exchange he’s gotten himself into!”

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The cover art for Christmas in the Mojave was also created by me!
The cover art for Christmas in the Mojave was also created by me!

Christmas in the Mojave


“It’s Christmas Eve, and the nine passengers onboard the small Cessna jet are about to get the Holiday surprise of their lives! When their plane goes down in the Mojave desert, these nine strangers from all walks of life must find a way to work together in order to survive. Twists and terror come together to create unlikely friendships in dangerous desert conditions. How will they survive this Christmas in the Mojave?”

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Cover Design & YOU: Do’s, Don’ts, and Choices


“What happens when you combine the knowledge of a prolific Author/Editor like Annie Acorn with the extensive experience of an award winning Illustrator/Author like Angel Nichols? This tell-all self-help book, which gives insight into the minds of both sides of the cover. From how to work with an author, from an illustrator’s perspective, to how to talk to your illustrator from an author’s perspective and everything in-between, if you’re one or both, you can smooth out the process and end up with exceptional book covers and a pleasant experience working with other creative minds, every time!”

Available for purchase on Amazon!

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